SvB ExTech provides training to workers installing, maintaining and auditing electrical installations located in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Training is provided by practicing EEHA personnel, ensuring that training is both practical and emphasizes best practices. In addition to being one of the few organisations qualified to provide training on all areas of hazardous areas, SvB ExTech's Managing Director is an active participant on the  EEOZ Hazardous Areas Training Advisory Committee. SvB ExTech students are, therefore, receiving training direct from the source. 

In addition to teaching prospective hazardous area inspectors, SvB ExTech offers unique courses for electricians about to engage in works within hazardous areas outlining the unique aspects of working within these zones.  Electrical contractors who send their trades personnel on these courses will ultimately find themselves conducting less rectification work, as the electricians will understand the intricacies of working in a designated hazardous area, and will avoid and identify non-conformances during installation. 

SvB ExTech also provides training to plant maintenance staff that enables them to competently conduct routine visual inspections. Customers utilising SvB ExTech's tripartite system of compliance, software tools, and training will realise a substantial cost savings by having their own qualified maintenance staff to conduct visual inspections and recording the results within SvB ExTech's electronic Dossier system throughout the life of the plant. 

Training can be conducted at SvB ExTech, in Toowoomba, Queensland, or can be commissioned onsite anywhere in the world. For further details on SvB ExTech's course offerings and customized training, contact SvB ExTech.