Producing a compliant Electrical Hazardous Area Dossier can be a huge undertaking, with the final document containing thousands of pages. Furthermore, the document is not static. With visual, close, and detailed inspections performed periodically, the EEHA Dossier is a dynamic document that will chronicle a plant's potentially explosive atmospheres throughout its operational lifetime. 

To increase accuracy in this mammoth document, while dramatically reducing compilation time and document maintenance, SvB ExTech has depended on proprietary IT systems and software for nearly a decade. These applications have been carefully designed by SvB ExTech to ensure maximum efficiency while maintaining complete compliance and a traceable audit trail. Moreover, these applications are unique within the industry. 

These tools have been relevant to SvB ExTech's compliance customers since their initial inception and implementation in 2001, as the tools have resulted in improved compliance timeframes while providing an industry leading Dossier. 

In 2008, SvB ExTech once again demonstrated industry-leading initiative by making available these proprietary tools to plant builders, owners, inspectors, and all stake holders in electrical hazardous areas. 

These tools, licensed in a variety of flexible and cost effective ways, reduce the data entry and document compilation components of EEHA compliance throughout the lifecycle of a plant. This ensures project managers, plant owners and maintenance managers have a more accurate picture of what is in the field more quickly, while allowing inspection and auditing personnel to focus more on their primary task and less on paperwork. 

As the result of years of experience, field testing, and development, SvB ExTech's eletronic dossier system feature many invaluable elements, including: 

1) A web-based architecture meaning it can be accessed from anywhere and does not require any software to be installed on company owned IT infrastructure.
2) A unique barcode system to speed data access while ensuring accuracy.
3)  A hierarchical data and permission structure, allowing data access to be compartmentalized for site staff, while presenting the 'big picture' to managers and multi-plant reporting for plant owners.
4)  Audit trail tracking and reporting, tracing modifications to the database.
5)  Centralised data warehousing, with industry leading backup and recovery systems.
6)  Future inspection scheduling, allowing required inspections to be aligned to planned shutdowns and therefore reducing downtime.
7)  Customisation options, including (EDI) electronic data interchange to interface with existing maintenance software. 

2009 will see the addition of exciting new features, including: 
1)  A handheld interface with corresponding intrinsically safe PDA, to increase efficiency even further while improving audit trails.
2) A new Crystal Reports interface to offer real time and fully customisable defined reporting. 

Of couse, SvB ExTech's fully qualified trainers can provide complete training on this electronic dossier system system, and offer comprehensive courses teaching EEHA competencies within the framework of the electronic system for customers using the software.

For more information on SvB ExTech's complete EEHA compliance software solutions, please contact us.