Welcome to SvB ExTech

SvB ExTech is a recognised leader in electrical hazardous area assessment and training.
With over 25 years experience, SvB ExTech has assessed major capital sites and projects, cumulatively worth billions of dollars that provide power, products and services to millions of Australian and international customers. 

SvB ExTech provides electrical hazardous area services to a variety of markets from power stations to petrol stations, fuel facilities,  mines, refineries, waste processing facilities, and LNG (liquefied natural gas) plants. 

Regardless of the source or location of a potentially explosive atmosphere, SvB ExTech can provide the necessary tools, training, and assessment services to help plant builders, owners, and operators reduce risk and ensure compliance. As an accredited auditor and Registered Training Organisation (RTO) SvB ExTech has the endorsements to back up years of dedication and experience in hazardous areas. 

SvB ExTech provides services worldwide to projects and plants involving potentially explosive atmospheres, and is competent with all international electrical hazardous area standards and directives such as AS/NZS (eg; 2340, 2381, 60079, 61241), IEC (eg; 60079 61241, 61892) , ATEX, NEC 500, NEC 505, etc.