Electrical Hazardous Area compliance, in a project involving potentially explosive atmospheres, begins in the drawing and planning phase, continues through the construction phase, and results in an EEHA Dossier that documents every aspect of electrical installations located within a defined hazardous area zone. 

For the plant owner and operator however, this Dossier is not the end of their compliance requirements. Indeed it is only the beginning; the EEHA Dossier must be maintained and routine inspections followed to ensure the integrity of the installation. 

SvB ExTech can assist every stakeholder in the process with ensuring electrical hazardous area compliance. This includes electrical contractors, general contractors, plant owners and operators, and concerned third parties including gas suppliers, insurance companies, and government departments. 

When assisting one or more of these groups, SvB ExTech takes a proactive and constructive approach. If a piece of equipment is not suitable, or an installation is not to standard, our inspection and audit teams endeavor to be part of the solution by offering rectification techniques and explaining the intent behind the standards. 

Choosing SvB ExTech to assist with and evaluate a potentially explosive atmosphere will not only lead to reduced risk and EEHA compliance, but will increase one's breadth of understanding and even increase quality. 

From a small petrol station, to a record breaking LNG plant, SvB ExTech has the skills and experience to ensure full electrical hazardous area compliance for companies and installations around the world. 

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