SvB ExTech is based in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Managing Director Sean Segond von Banchet is a Queensland Government EEHA Accredited Auditor, attesting to his vast experience and knowledge as a hazardous areas specialist. 

In addition to leading the audit, inspection, and compliance activities at SvB ExTech, Sean takes a leading roll in training electricians and engineers wishing to specialize in electrical hazardous area compliance and risk mitigation. With SvB ExTech's leader taking an active roll in training activities, students receive the very best education and are more likely to succeed once back in the field. 

The products and services that SvB ExTech provides can be broken down into three components: 

1)  Compliance assessment and auditing
2)  Software and documentation tools to assist with EEHA compliance
3)  Electrical hazardous areas training 

This tripartite offering enables SvB ExTech to assist organizations of all sizes, from every source of potentially explosive atmospheres, in a variety of capacities.